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About Us

AVP Marketing & Internet Services operates throughout the state of Texas and beyond, including worldwide. Formal operations for us began in the summer of 2006 so we are right at our 10 year anniversary. We have developed from a simple small EBay selling operation to now working with Amazon and a variety of other Internet based venues as well as taking advantage of the benefits of all the social media opportunities so prominent now.

We promote, advertise, market, liquidate and ultimately handle the selling of a wide variety of items. Whether it’s an entire businesses inventory or simply excess no longer currently needed, an entire estate or simple downsizing, individual select valuable items or a home full of misc. that needs to go, we can handle it top to bottom, beginning to end.

If assets need immediate pickup, relocation, storage, well take care of it. When sales and negotiations are taking place, we’re taking care of it. As buyer payments are coming in, we’re making sure they’re securely received before products are released. If shipping or delivery is required, we’re handling that too. There’s no aspect of the sale and transaction we don’t handle.

How we Work

Step One: Before we can tell you what we charge for our services we need as much information as reasonably possible about what is to be sold. Brand name and or Description, Model #, New VS Used, Condition, History, Estimated Past Values or Original Costs, Photos if available, Location. If quantities are involved, how many, an inventory list, or spreadsheet-even better! Basically, whatever information that could be helpful for us to perform our initial basic research and determine estimated current values and returns. In many circumstances much of this information can be obtained over the phone and/or provided via email but commonly in addition, an on-site appointment and evaluation at your home or business, warehouse or storage facility is helpful or even needed to fully review, personally inspect and discuss.

Step Two: Item values. Since we rarely charge anything up front for our services this is a very important part of “How We Work”. Once we have a good basic understanding about what you have, either from previous experience and or some preliminary historical pricing research, usually a combination of, we know more or less what’s needed for the job and then can accurately estimate potential returns, etc. This verifies that the items have the value to warrant the time and effort necessary to properly promote and sell the items in a professional manner.

Step Three: Expectations. Finally, one of the most important issues is to verify, you the client’s expectations of results are realistic. What you paid for something, what somebody said it was worth, what it used to be worth, all history. What you, we or anybody can buy it for now, on EBay or a variety of other places is what it is worth now. The economy, the number of people or businesses downsizing, current demand, and many other factors influence but ultimately and simply the market determines the value. We, like you are on the same side, we want the items to sell for as much as possible but can only sell things for what the market says they are worth. We do our job the best we can which means not let things sell for less than what they’re really worth and their current value.

This mutual understanding is what’s necessary for us to propose a percentage fee and approach that is fair for both us. And, since we don’t get paid or compensated until we start making sales and getting results, which is why item values and your expectations are so important.

Costs & Fees

Our Fees, with some exceptions, are a percentage of the selling price and vary depending on that as well as the amount of work involved but are presented to you ahead of time and need your agreement prior to beginning the actual selling process. Fees range from as low as 10%, and as high as 50%. They generally include everything, eliminating all concerns for you the client in not have to deal with buyers, their questions, payments, packaging & shipping, damages or returns and so on. This includes any & all fees from EBay, PayPal, MC/VISA/AMEX, Amazon, Etc! Any exceptions to this are brought to your attention ahead of time and require your approval before proceeding.

Our Services Include;

• Research item’s background, history, details and range of potential value

• Verify the condition, working order and authenticity of the item

• Produce Professional digital photographs and or Videos

• Prepare a detailed description and a professional eye-catching listing

• Estimate packaging, shipping with insurance costs for potential buyers

• Choose appropriate categories, best format & other listing options

• Monitor and respond to item watchers, bidders and buyer questions

• Provide status reports of the selling process to seller if and when requested

• Verify that bidders meet bidding guidelines and follow purchasing procedure

• Process and verify all payments received from buyers are legitimate

• Package & ship your insured item as well as verify and confirm delivery

• Monitor that there are no buyer questions, problems or other issues, regardless these are all part of our responsibility and why you’ve hired us!

Note: Extensive Testing, Cleaning, Repairs, Appraisals, COA’s-Certificates of Authenticity, and other items can incur additional expenses but always require client approval before proceeding.